Payment & Delivery

When you purchase a products from overseas, you don’t want to have delays. Delays mean headaches, it also mean money held up. Delays equally mean aggravation that you don’t need. Make payments with confidence. We guarantee every delivery of our exotic marijuana strains. We have a fast, secured and reliable delivery system for all your packages. That is the main reason why our Payment and delivery methods are the best and most secured. Order ED drugs discreetly with bitcoin today.

Every Payment and delivery is guaranteed

Exotic Homies Plug guarantees every delivery of your orders. And when we say we guarantee delivery, we don’t just mean that it will get there eventually. We mean it will get there at the right expected time provided to you upon confirmation of your order. There is a number of things we’ve done to ensure fast and secured delivery of your packages. Like any business, ours is one where we had to spend some time and do some extra work to get it right. And that’s why we get it right.
We did this extra work so that you wouldn’t have to. You shouldn’t have to call and click around while you wonder where your shipment is. That’s why we make sure that doesn’t happen.

We are so confident that your shipment will get to you and get to you on time. We will ship it again-free of charge if it gets lost or is delayed for too long.

Great relationship establishment with safe payment and delivery process

Before we opened our state-of-the-art exotic weed store, we first established strong relationships with customs and regulatory authorities. There by making sure we contact the right people with the National Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau as well as the General Administrations of Customs of the EU and USA so that we could have everything established the way it should be. Nobody can have a hint about what is in the package. All packages are triple vacuum sealed and airtight, meaning no smell.

Many times, shipments are held up in customs in many different countries simply because the company shipping the goods didn’t have the proper paperwork filled out, didn’t turn it in on time or simply. We did all of our homework so you could get your shipments on time. Easily purchase exotic weed strains for sale in our online store.

Great relations with shippers differentiate us from others

Customs officials need to know who you are sending your shipments with. They couldn’t approve shipments if they didn’t. Exotic Homies Plug has already established the support of the best shipping companies before we even filed our papers with customs.

What payment methods are available?

– We are interested in the fact that you feel comfortable with us.

Bitcoin, Wire transfersWe guarantee a full secured and fast delivery of our exotic weed. Overnight shipping is available depending on your exact delivery location. Discreetly order Hybrid marijuana strains with bitcoin.

For information about payment please contact us

How quickly is my payment processed?

The time required to process the payment depends on your method of payment and your delivery will be confirmed after that. After confirming your payment, kindly allow us some time to provide you with your delivery scheme.

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