Exotic weed strains of different brands, packs, and regular weed for sale

How do you know the difference between Exotic and Regular weed strains?

Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing and evolving industries, including Exotic weed strains of different brands and packs, regular weed etc all for sale. Cannabis has become popular among people since its global legalization as well as decriminalization. Therefore, it has become a common part of the medical industry and is used as an alternative to traditional medicines.

When it comes to effects, there are two types: exotic weed strains and regular weed. Both have distinct properties to differentiate, but their effects are the main points on which the major difference relies. If you want to know the difference between weeds without exotic weed packs or exotic weed brands, here is what you need to know.

What is Exotic Weed?

Exotic weed is rare as well as more strong types of cannabis are usually grown in humid and tropical climates. This makes the plant eligible to produce higher levels of THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis. Consequently, it is expected to be more potent than regular weed.

The exotic weed strains differ from normal cannabis due to their unique trichomes. The exotic ones have longer and heavier trichomes which offer them a glossy appearance. Despite high demand, there is no evaluation has been done to determine which strains qualify as exotic. Mostly, people regard uncommon and rare strains as exotic.

What is Regular Weed?

Regular weed is also considered a useful compound found in multiple cannabis or other weeds. They have similar effects as the exotic ones but are relatively less strong and effective. Moreover, regular weeds are usually less expensive and easily available. Their less effective properties usually pose no threat to physical and mental health, so they are used in medicines in controlled quantities.

Difference Between Exotic Weed and Regular Weed

If you are unaware of the potential effects of exotic weeds, you can read about the packing, whether it is a regular or exotic weed pack. However, both can offer great high depending on the quantity and type of indigestion. When you analyze exotic weed strain vs. regular weed, here are the differences you will observe.


The premium exotic weed plant quickly catches people’s attention with its bright purple and lime green color. Its thick consistency and dusty coating are other visible marks of identification. Due to precise practice and the favorable environment of exotic cultivation, cannabis buds conveniently grow to their absolute peak of potential.

On the other hand, the locally grown regular cannabis weed looks less dense, lacks colors and vibrance, and also appears to obtain fewer trichomes as compared to exotic weed strains. Due to its catchy appearance and potent effects, many exotic week brands focus on improving quality and business growth.

Aroma and Flavor

The majority of exotic weed brands have the expertise to sniff out the exotic strains just by smelling the weed. The exotic weeds have distinct smells. If you have the habit of wafting your weed, you will realize that the local strains contain a lighter aroma with slightly varying terpene profiles.

Moreover, an expert nose can conveniently identify exotic strains without exotic weed pack labels. Remember that the less familiar strain you find in aroma and shape, the more it is likely to be a true exotic.


There is no doubt that exotic cannabis can be more than twice as strong as regular cannabis. The experts can differentiate between exotic weed strains vs. regular ones. Apart from that, only accurate regular or exotic weed packs will reveal the CBD and THC content of marijuana in the strain.

Some exotic weeds have comparatively normal THC levels. Anyhow, without much background and lineage context, measuring a stain’s potency is a good method of exotic identification.


In the beginning, people considered unique and rarely accessible strains as exotic. However, the legalization of cannabis and the expansion of the cannabis industry has entirely changed the game and availability. Due to the increasingly growing cannabis market, many strains can be gotten through dispensaries. Therefore, they are rapidly losing the label from exotic weed packs, even from exotic weed brands.

Where Does Exotic Weed Strain Come From?

The definition of the word exotic weed strain varies according to geographical location. Where you live may have different strains compared to the other part of the country. The cannabis from Oregon will pass the standards of being exotic to residents in Washington, DC.

On the other hand, people living in California can consider some New Mexico stains exotic according to how rare the strain is. In the United States of America, cannabis strains originating on the west coast or any part of the world are considered exotic. Similarly, exotic strains grow in every part of the world, but local and rare strains get the tag of exotics.

Why Are Exotic Weeds More Expensive?

When it comes to exotic weed strains vs. regular weed for sale, exotic weed strains are more effective than regular weed and have a catchy appearance. The consumption effects of exotic weed are highly desirable due to the unique appearance and rarity of their presence in locally grown cannabis and not regular weed strains for sale. You can securely have regular weed strains for sale online like Blueberry Yum Yum.

Have you ever smoked an exotic strain or local smoked cannabis in an exotic location and felt unfamiliar yet delightful? It is the charm of exotic weed strains. Due to their distinct feel, they are more expensive as compared to regular weed. Only exotic cannabis consumers can understand the feeling.

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Wrap Up

When it comes to weeds and marijuana, everyone looks for change, and this change is found in the form of exotic weeds. These are highly potent strains with a higher level of THC concentration. A few exotic genetics play a role in differentiating them from the common cannabis in DNA genetics as they have more potent and considerable effects, unique appearance, taste, and scent.

The appeal of exotic weed is undeniable. Therefore, new weed users should be careful about the dosage they take. Similarly, every seasoned user should be cautious while trying any powerful or new strains because they can cause you to get high and evoke a sense of euphoria.

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I think that exotic strains are perfect for old (veteran) smoker than first-time (not usual) because tasting an exotic weed may force you not to love normal (Indica and Sat) weed.Moreover, exotic strains are hell costly!!!!

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